Turtles All The Way Down book review


The cover of Turtle All The Way Down. Photo Credit: Fiona McAleer

Fiona McAleer, Staff Writer

I have always been a fan of John Green and his work. That’s why I was more than thrilled when he came out with Turtles All the Way Down in 2017. The book’s main character is Aza Homes. Aza and her friend Daisy are both more than determined to resolve the mystery concerning a fugitive billionaire. The mystery is a compelling aspect of the book. I was surprised however, to discover that the book explored a more suppressed topic. I have observed mental illness to be a somewhat ignored topic in society. That is why I was shocked to discover that Green created a character that suffered from it. Aza has both extreme anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was interesting to read from the point of view of a character who lives with these illnesses. I enjoyed this book because it not only is an interesting mystery, but it shows the obstacles that consume Aza and her thoughts. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and is interested in mental health.