Mr. Mercedes book review


The cover of Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes. Photo Credit: Fiona McAleer

Fiona McAleer, Staff Writer

Stephen King is usually associated with ghoulish disturbing themes and pieces of writing. That’s why I was not surprised when he came out with a book concerning a murder mystery about a person that killed eight people by driving into a crowd with a Mercedes. I encountered Mr. Mercedes in a Barnes & Noble during a family road trip. I was hoping to find a piece of literature that would help me to survive our seven hour drive. When I picked the book up I was expecting it to follow the regular murder mystery template. When I flipped through the writing I was shocked. Not only was the book from the point of view of the detective trying to solve the mystery, but it was also from the point of view of the psychopathic murdererer.  I was instantly intrigued because I had not found a large amount of books like this. Like many other Stephen King books, the literature is gruesome and frightening. I found it difficult to continue reading during some parts of the book because of the graphic descriptions. Despite the abominable images, the book is incredibly interesting from a physiological standpoint. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love for mysterious and a strong stomach.