New “Super Mario Bros. U” has a Nintendo Switch port coming next year

Art promoting the port that will be released next year. Photo Credit:

Art promoting the port that will be released next year. Photo Credit:

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“New Super Mario Bros. U” is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game that is part of the “New Super Mario Bros.” series developed by Nintendo EAD and Nintendo for the Wii U. It is the fourth title in the series and was released back in 2012. “New Super Luigi U” was released as downloadable content the following year. An enhanced port, known as “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” of these two games will be released for the Nintendo Switch on Jan. 11.

Here is a simple synopsis of the game. Instead of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser and his Koopalings, Mario, Luigi and two Toads are launched away by Bowser and Princess Peach is now held hostage. Mario and his team must venture throughout the land, encountering Koopalings who have complete control in each world (seven in all).

“New Super Mario Bros. U” has similar gameplay featured on the “New Super Mario Bros. Wii,” with the objective of each level is to reach the flag at the end, while avoiding enemies and dangerous hazards along the way. There is a multiplayer mode called Boost Mode, where the player with the GamePad can use the touchscreen to assist the other players, which helps amateurs and allow experts to perform speed runs. New power-ups featured in the game include the flying squirrel suit that allows the player to glide long distances or slowly descend vertical paths or cling to walls, like a squirrel would do on a tree. Baby Yoshis can be carried by players, with each of them having a special ability (dependent on the color of the Yoshi). Power-ups from the past have newer abilities, like the Mini Mushroom having the ability to allow the player to run up alongside a wall. This game features one huge map which contain all levels and all worlds. The game also features new modes known as Challenge Mode and Boost Rush, which add challenges to complete and an automatic scrolling level which increases as you go.

During the 2018 Nintendo Direct event, a Nintendo Switch version of the game, “New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe,” was announced for release. The game will include both the original game and “New Super Luigi U” expansion, with the new antagonist Nabbit and Toadette as playable characters. Toadette has an ability called the “Super Crown,” which transforms her into Peachette, which resembles Princess Peach herself and shares her own abilities and in-game attributes.

The game is pretty good at its best. For all the Mario fans who somehow do not have the game or for gamers who do not a Wii U but have a Nintendo Switch, I recommend that you buy this game. The graphics are well-designed and it provides a unique challenge for a game that has the potential of High Definition gaming, which, in my opinion, they have capitalized on completely.