What high school students actually wear

Bridget Frame, Photography Captain, Editor of News Page

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Style is the ultimate form of self-expression. When your clothes are controlled, so is your sense of self and individuality. Students are experts in showing off their unique traits through clothing. Some students opt for fancy attire, while others enjoy comfortable clothing.

Students buy their clothing from a variety of stores and areas. One can tell a lot about a person from their clothing. Athletes often opt for athletic wear or show their support for their favorite teams. Other students show support for their favorite music artist or band. Students also often customize their own clothes to make it one of a kind.

Self-expression has become directly tied to clothes. What you wear is who you are and students understand that. Individual style makes you stand out, which can be hard to accomplish in the large landscape of high school. Students have been vocal about how their own self-expression should be protected. Changes in the dress code in previous years has been met with backlash and outcry that the new rules implemented were too harsh. Students often consider their clothes and style of dress as the one thing they can control in a turbulent and tumultuous time of adolescent experience. It is imperative that students continue to express themselves through dress and show their individuality to preserve the culture of our youth. Diversity of dress means diversity of people, and there has never been more of a time when we need to express this.

Ana Medina, Senior, wearing a Forever 21 jacket, Forever 21 leggings and sneakers from Vans | Photo: Bridget Frame

Abraham Diaz, Senior, wearing an H & M bomber jacket, a Polo shirt, faded black jeans from Hollister, and red Nike sneakers | Photo: Bridget Frame

Aliona Allen, Senior, wearing a North Face jacket, a shirt from Penn State, Leggings from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and sneakers from Adidas | Photo: Bridget Frame

Salmah Repole, Junior, wearing a skirt from Saudi Arabia,a sweater from New York,a hijab from Saudi Arabia, and sneakers from TJ Maxx | Photo: Bridget Frame

Stefan Glende, Junior, wearing an Under Armour shirt, and Under Armour sweatpants, and Nike shoes | Photo: Bridget Frame

Isabelle Koop, Junior, wearing a sweater from Free People, Reebok leggings and Nike Air Force 1’s | Photo: Bridget Frame

Jessi Kirtley, Junior, wearing a top from Urban Outfitters,a sweater from Target, Jeans from Urban Outfitters and sneakers from Converse | Photo: Bridget Frame

Sarah Stanley, Junior, wearing a cropped black sweater, a skirt from Free People, and black boots from Urban Outfitters | Photo: Bridget Frame

Liam Burke, Sophomore, wearing a Champion hoodie, Reebok joggers, and Nike sneakers | Photo: Bridget Frame

Jackson Dixon, Freshman, wearing an Adidas sweatshirt, parka from Adidas, pants from Adidas, and sneakers from Adidas | Photo: Bridget Frame

Chloe Taylor, Junior, , wearing a top from Target, a thrifted sweatshirt, pants originally owned by her dad, and Adidas sneakers | Photo: Bridget Frame

Sumaya Fofana, Junior, wearing a top from Target, plaid pants, and heeled shoes | Photo: Bridget Frame