The new “Trials” game is “Rising” to greater heights

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Fernando Castillo

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The "Trials Rising" promotion art for player to register for the Beta. Photo Credit:

“Trials Rising” is an upcoming 2.5D racing game currently in development by RedLynx and Ubisoft Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine) and will be published by Ubisoft. It will be released on February for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and XBOX ONE. It will be the next installment for the “Trials” series since “Trials Fusion” in 2014 and the next game overall since the spin-off game “Trials of the Blood Dragon” in 2016.

The history of “Trials” begins somewhere in 2000. “Trials” was created in 2000 with a different idea that most 2D vehicular games don’t, which was controlling the bike. To put it simply, the player must control the bike by accelerating, braking, and leaning. However, that mechanic was “easier said than done”. The game was released on the internet under the platform Java (which can be played through “Trials Legends” on PC. Then “Trials 2” came out with awesome new content, including the “Restart” feature, to which the original game didn’t even have. And before millions of fans knew it, the franchise then made its way onto the XBOX 360 with the game “Trials HD”, which still had 2D controls but had 3D graphics to work with. The series continued with “Trials Evolution” and “Trials Fusion”, each including more improvements and a bunch of more content. Now we are waiting for “Trials Rising”, which is the next big game in the franchise.

“Trials Rising” was one of the many games to be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 press conference. The developer RedLynx invited several players from the “Trials” community to test out the gameplay mechanics. The gameplay is simple: guide your rider on an obstacle course. Finish the course as fast as you can and as flawless as you can. The obstacle courses in this game give off a real-world setting, especially since you can race in real parts of the world like the Eiffel Tower and Mount Everest.

That’s right. Mount Everest, which stands to be 29,029 feet above the ground.

The game will allow players to view other players’ best performance on a track and the game will send them a notification that a player has beaten record, should they be the one who set it. For the creative players and fans of the “Trials” series, custom tracks return to “Trials Rising”. And keeping with the “real” theme, the player can customize the rider’s outfit and the motorcycle, so that they can express themselves. Of course, with all this information, it is implied that online multiplayer is one of the modes included. For local multiplayer, there is a new gameplay mode called “Tandem Bike”. Two players can control the same bike. One of the players controls the gas and brake while the other player controls the rider balance.

 Overall, this is probably one of the best games that gamers are hyped up for. From starting up with simple 2D gaming to 2.5D gaming, the “Trials” series has come from a long way to get these fans and people to play something so simple yet hard to completely master at. I believe that “Trials Rising” will execute the hype with its new additions and extra sense of realism. Pick up the game if you can.