Letter to the Editor: Where is your field correspondent for track and field?

Graphic Credit: Cami Schiappa

Graphic Credit: Cami Schiappa

To the Editors:

Re: sports

After reading several of your articles about Roswell High School’s sports, I have come to notice that there are no articles about our school’s Cross Country and Track and Field programs. I believe these are a very important part of our school’s culture, as each program has well over 100 students partaking in the sport. Not a lot of people are aware about the rigorous training that these athletes endure, so I think writing an article on our school’s runners’ achievements would help spread awareness of their commitment to their sports. Both programs are very well accomplished; this past season, both our girls and guys Cross Country teams qualified for the state tournament, while our Track and Field program made it to the state tournament last spring. I think it is imperative that these athletes are acknowledged for their achievements, as it will only motivate them to do better in upcoming seasons. Furthermore, many of the athletes are in their senior year, and have probably not received a lot of recognition for their hard work. I believe it would further motivate these seniors if they received recognition in a Sting article.

Recognizing these sports in a Sting article would also draw many students to these programs. This is very important, as the number of athletes in each program is declining. Our school’s running sports are not viewed as “real” sports by many of the students at Roswell High School. I think that it is absolutely imperative that we change the way our students view our running programs. A possible way that this could be achieved is by full coverage of the sports in the Sting.

I hope to see more articles about Roswell High School’s Cross Country and Track and Field programs in the future of the Sting newspaper, as these teams deserve a lot more recognition and publicity.

Drew Claerbout




Thank you so much for your response! At The Sting, we do understand that school sports teams, particularly less well-known sports teams, need as much visibility in the school as possible. In fact, many individuals who are part of our newspaper staff also participate in sports and activities that seldom receive nearly the recognition they deserve, so we sympathize with your concern.

However, as the newspaper has altered its format this year and the amount of people participating in this class has decreased, the coverage of a wide breadth of activities has been traditionally limited this year. Our staff is small; covering the most popular sports is challenging enough.

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for ignoring an important facet of the school’s environment in our reporting. Cross-country and track and field are challenging and interesting sports that deserve more recognition. We have taken your concern into account and changed what we cover accordingly.

Since your response, we have now included a profile on a cross-country athlete, Tai Crisco. Apologies for not covering either the track and field or cross-country teams in our limited sports coverage. Continue reading as we include even more profiles and coverage in the future!

Isabella Cordell

Director of Communications