“Monster Jam Steel Titans” crushing its way to success

Cover art for the game. The two trucks, Max-D (left) and Grave Digger (right), are two of the fiercest rivals in Monster Jam history. Photo Caption: www.microsoft.com

Cover art for the game. The two trucks, Max-D (left) and Grave Digger (right), are two of the fiercest rivals in Monster Jam history. Photo Caption: www.microsoft.com

   “Monster Jam Steel Titans” is an upcoming racing video game based on the United States Hot Rod Association’s Monster Jam series. The game is currently under development and will be published by the same duo that brought the “MX vs. ATV” franchise onto the eighth generation of consoles, Rainbow Studios and THQ Nordic. The game will be released on June 25th worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE, as well as being digitally available on Steam. Before we get into “Monster Jam Steel Titans”, let’s take a look at the legacy of Monster Jam games.

   Monster Jam’s experience in video games started out with “Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction” in 2002. Although it has some elements towards racing, the game is centered around vehicular combat, with the trucks duking it out demolition-derby style and with power-ups. The following year, “Monster 4×4: Masters of Metal” came out. This time the gameplay roles were reversed: more racing-like and less demo-derby-like. The races in this game are circuit-based and take place in stadiums and off-road outside the stadiums, and the freestyle events have some level of exaggeration. Four years later, in 2007, “Monster Jam” was released. I would consider this to be the first “official” Monster Jam game. Like the previous games, it had plenty of official Monster Jam trucks like Grave Digger (my personal favorite). This time, though, alongside stadium circuit-racing, freestyle, and off-road racing, it had the stadium drag races like in real life. The following year, “Monster Jam: Urban Assault” came out. The sequel to the 2007 game still had some elements like its predecessor but the trucks raced out in the streets of urban places like New York and minigames like skee-ball. Moving on, “Monster Jam: Path of Destruction” was released. In this game, the player could create their own monster trucks and off-road racing was removed in place of challenges. The physics had improved and appeared to be the best one yet. Unfortunately, it started to go downhill. In 2015, “Monster Jam: Battlegrounds” was available for download. The premise was to replicate stadium events as well as venturing into other environments like in the outdoors or in the city doing challenges. The game saw a lot of flaws like poor controls and the stability of the truck as well as the physics of the game. A year later, “Monster Jam Crush It” was released and made by the same company. The game was like “Battlegrounds”, but much worse. It was like an Indie game. The game may good graphics, but the physics were unrealistic. I mean you could start doing flips while in the air.

   In comes “Monster Jam Steel Titans”. With the hype of the Monster Jam World Finals XX, THQ Nordic and Feld Entertainment had announced the game. The game takes the players into the world of Monster Jam, starting with Monster Jam University, an open world training program for the players to experience what it will take to compete against the other drivers. After that, players will go on a tour to make a name for themselves. Alongside an open world, the game contains twelve stadiums and 25 official trucks to choose from, such as Grave Digger, Max-D, and El Toro Loco. Game modes include Stadium Racing, Circuit Racing, Waypoint Racing, Freestyle, 2 Wheel Skill Challenges, and Timed Destruction. With the most excellent graphics and great physics, “Monster Jam Steel Titans” may be the best monster truck game ever made.

   I would recommend this game for all the Monster Jam fans and racing gamers alike. This is a certain step-up from the streak of mixed to poor reviewed monster truck games out there. With new content to try out and all the hard work the developers had done to make sure to give the players a full experience, “Monster Jam Steel Titans” is definitely one for the books.