A review of Music Midtown and some helpful tips for next year

Ava Weinreb, Staff Writer

One weekend in September quickly turned into the highlight of the year for many, including Roswell High School Students. Although two days of 100 degree heat, overpriced food and 50,000 sweaty people may not seem like such an amazing experience, the overall atmosphere and artist who participate in the two day festival make Music Midtown the awesome weekend that it is. This year’s headliners included four major artists and bands including Cardi B., Pan!c at the Disco, Travis Scott and Vampire Weekend. Well deserving of praise, all of these artists took the festival head on performing with pyrotechnics, backup dancers and even guest performers. Travis Scott took the award this weekend for best performance, bringing out guest rappers such as Playboi Carti and Offset, adding to the famous Astroworld experience. A few other artists who never failed to captivate the audience was Lizzo, Jaeden Smith, Billie Elish, Lil Yachty and Bad Suns. 

Although the festival may seem intimidating here are a few helpful tips on how to brave the crowds, heat and pricey food. 

Bring your own water bottle:

Water can get pretty pricey, especially if you intend to buy a new one every time. Bring your own sealed plastic bottle in order to avoid the water line, and then continue to fill it up throughout the day. 

Portable Charger:

Planning on snapchatting all your favorite artists or take a million pictures for your instagram? Well your phone will probably run out of battery before you reach the end of the day. Investing in a portable charger will ensure that you can stay connected throughout the whole festival, without worrying about putting your phone in low power mode. 

Filling up your bottle

Are you running low on water between two of your favorite artists? To maximize your time, pick a water station near a band or artist that you want to hear or might be interested in. This way you can enjoy some music while waiting in the long water lines before you head off to your next highlighted artist.