Who is Joe, and why does everyone ask about him?

Sahba Ostovarravary, Staff Writer

There seems to be a new exchange student in Roswell High School, and no one wants to tell me who he actually is. For the past few weeks, I keep hearing my friends asking me about whether I have seen our new student, “Joe”. When I ask them who Joe is, I just get laughed at and they throw their milk cartons at me in the cafeteria before throwing me into the trash can.

While the pain and stains are temporary, the question is still burning in my mind: Who is Joe? I have taken it upon myself to thoroughly research who this person is, and find out more about them.  

After looking through the school’s directory, asking administration and getting mocked by my peers, I have come to the conclusion that Joe is either a foreign exchange student, or there is a secret society at Roswell High School protecting this man. Apparently, he can be seen with his friend Willis in the halls, but I haven’t managed to catch either of them yet.

The hunt for finding him isn’t over, and one day I will find out who this Joe character is.