The best food El Salvador has to offer: papusas


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Before to talk about the food I think you need to know the country, so here is the description: El Salvador is a little country in Central America, with amazing people, a lot of volcanoes, and most importantly, the best food. The best food that El Salvador has are pupusas and here is the description from Wikipedia: “Pupusa is a thick flatbread from El Salvador made with cornmeal or rice flour, similar to the Venezuelan and Colombian arepa. It is usually stuffed with one or more ingredients. These may include cheese (such as quesillo or cheese with loroco buds), chicharrón, squash, or refried beans.” I promise you this is one of the best foods in the whole world. Everyone who tries it likes them. You must try them because, as some people say, you always must try new things because they can surprise you. But, before eating this incredible food, you need to know that you don’t use a fork, knife or spoon, to eat. You must use your hand because is the Salvadorian traditional way.