Fall season is upon us: things to do in Atlanta


Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Photo Credit: Sylvia Nelson

Sylvia Nelson, Staff Writer

The weather is not changing, yet the leaves are, which means that fall is on the way. Here are some activities to do in Georgia in the fall.

  1. Go for a bike ride on the beltline. The beltline is a great way to see many amazing sites and scenes. As the cooler days are upon us, hop on a bike or scooter and enjoy a crisp autumn day in the sun.
  2. Enjoy lunch at Ponce City Market. The old Sears distribution building is now a space of various shops, restaurants and lofts. The market has various restaurants and cuisines, such as Asian, Mexican and a pancake house, as well as various ice cream shops. Head on down to ponce one afternoon to enjoy a nice warm meal.
  3. Go pick apples at many of the apple orchards across North Georgia. Take you and your friends or family on an apple picking day. Gather some fresh, crisp, juicy apples that you can bring home to eat as is or incorporate into your meals and dishes. It’s also a great opportunity for some Instagram pictures.
  4. Along with the picking theme, why don’t you go pick out some pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch? Picking pumpkins is another fun activity to do with your friends and family, and it lets you leave with a crafty and effect decoration to use for the fall season. After you’re done carving it, you can dig out the pumpkin seeds from inside and wash them, put them on a cookie pan and lay them out flat and salt them. Then pop them into the oven and bake for 10 minutes before eating them. It is such a delicious salty snack that’s also healthy.