CW’s The 100 is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat

 Here are the main characters of the show posted under the title Photo Credit:

Here are the main characters of the show posted under the title Photo Credit:

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer

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“The 100” is a show on netflix that premiered on March 19, 2014 with 6 seasons and 64 episodes. The show begins by explaining that the Earth was unable to support humans because it was radioactive, so the human race moved to space in large ships. The council later decides to send 100 teenager inmates to the ground to deem if the earth is survivable or not. They learn that they are not alone on the planet, and throughout the seasons these teenagers are attempting to avoid war through peace with the natives in coexistence.

I personally enjoy the show because of the deep character development that evolves through the decisions that each person has to make. The main character, Clarke Griffin, is the leader of the group of kids, and continues to be as more and more people join their group. As the leader she is forced to make tough decisions for the safety of her people as a whole, which involves mass murder though she morally hates herself for it. She struggles with self-love and forgiveness as she continually has to kill to keep the ones she cares for alive. Her comrade, Bellamy Blake, is the foundation that keeps her strong. In the beginning of the show he and Clarke but heads a lot due to their differing perspectives, but they learned to get along for the sake of their people. The most interesting person whose character changed a lot throughout the story is Octavia Blake, Bellamy’s little sister. Because she went over the child limit per female aboard the spaceship, she was forced to live under the floor of her family’s room and was sent to prison when she was caught. When she reached the ground she was able to live free and make her own decisions without fear of the consequences. Later on in the series, she changes from the introverted girl that lived under the floor to the grounder warrior who killed without mercy. Once she lost her mate, Lincoln, due to violence within her council, she lost her compassion and in turn her sympathy. Though many people changed throughout the show, Octavia’s development was the most dramatic by far.