Brown Skin Girl empowers the African American community


The album cover of Beyonce's new hit "Brown Skin Girl" Photo Credit: YouTube

Throughout history is has been prominent that race is a large determining factor on how people treat each other. I personally, as an African American lady, have not experienced direct racial mistreatment, thought maybe indirectly. Within the African American community, especially for women, it has been hard to feel loved by society because of our skin color. Typically men prefer the fairer skinned women over the darker skinned, even within the different shades of black. This song, Brown Skin Girl, by Beyonce Knowles was written to give black girls pride in their skin. Being such as big of an influencer that she is, her message of self love to the black race has been widely heard across the globe. The music video to this song holds multiple clips of different varieties of black women who are confident and happy in their skin. For the woman around the world who are insecure in the skin they wear, watching her video and listening to her words will help to boost their confidence. I personally was even moved by her music and therefore share it with my friends and family.