How has big influencers portraying the ATL style influenced other “big names” in fashion?

Jakai Spikes, Staff Writer

Some of today’s well known artists come from Atlanta. They hold such a powerful leadership role in society especially when It comes to their fashion. The Rap group “The Migos”, “Lil Baby”, “T.I.P”, “Lil Yachty” and so much more have influenced fashion around the world. Coming from Atlanta, I observe the common “go-to” street style quite often. The males ALWAYS have a fresh pair of kicks on, and they would hate it if someone ever stepped on them and made them “dirty”. What is also common male fashion in Atlanta is a nice pair of jeans accessorized by a designer (fake or not) belt, that is usually topped off with a shirt that allows you to see the belt or a nice sweatshirt. Whether it is a football game, or a really nice event you will always see people from Atlanta dressed to the 9’s. The female fashion in Atlanta is never limited! You will see females wearing something casual but dressing it up with their accessories and hair. Lashes are really in and if you are into makeup you would know that if you have on a good pair of lashes and lip gloss everything will fall into line when it comes to the outfit. Atlanta style has definitely inspired so many globally. If you want to find out of the box, clean and stylish fashion, go to Atlanta.