Being a freelance artist is better than working for a singular company

Amadeu Baez-Maldonado, Staff Writer

Being a freelance artist is most of the time a challenge of finding an opportunity to find some place to call your workplace. But, freelance is better for you because you can meet new people and find more options and even sometimes discover a new art style. The point of  freelancing is to be called by certain clients and be asked to do some type of painting or design for their company. Most of the time they ask you to finish it within a certain time frame. Sometimes you will be asked to work with them permanently or only for a month or two. The whole point is to go around and make different pieces and even travel because most of the time people will want you even if you live somewhere not as close.

The benefits of working as a freelance artist is you work when you want, meaning people will usually ask for you to make a piece but they’ll give you a set time. However, you come in when you want as long as you get it done on time. You can pick whatever client you feel will benefit you more so you are your own boss. You get to put a price on your own work, if you think that your art is worth more, you give a certain price. Usually you won’t get exactly what you want but sometimes you can get close to what you want by bartering.

As much as there are ups, there are a lot of downs, like if you got paid little on your last job you have to make up for it by getting paid a lot more on the next job to pay for things like food and rent. You have to put yourself out there somehow and do your own accounting, so it’s going to take a huge chunk of your own free time. Another problem is having to deal with messed up electronics, so if your equipment just goes downhill, then you still have to deal with contacting people and getting hired for something. 

Freelancing opens up a lot of opportunities for you, but it is a very big plunge into being a lot for half the part of time. Before you do something like this, you really need to make sure you are physically and mentally ready to be in this line of work.

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