Build your dream house with Virtual Families 2


My family tree in the game. Photo Credit: Natalie Navarra

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

I have been playing Virtual Family 2 for many years now. It was one of my favorite games in middle school. You start out choosing a person to start and then move into this run-down house to start a family. It is fun to see the family grow overtime and to see the children become adults and move out. It also is a very fun challenge to improve this run down house to make it the house of your dreams. You also get to have a job and get to be successful in your career. Unfortunately this game, like any others, has flaws. One of the flaws that bugs me the most that I have noticed since I have matured is the role the mother has in the game. When she has a child, she is not allowed to work for two years and only the father can.This is definitely sending the wrong message to young girls that women can not work while raising a baby, but men can. Another issue is that it takes forever to make money, so it takes a long time to build your dream house. Also, time goes by really slow, so it is the type of game you check a few times a day to make sure your family is not dead. Overall, this is a decent game to play when you are bored, but it is not the best.