The truth about bangs


Try something new with this trendy hairstyle. Photo Credit: UnSplash

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

Right now bangs are coming back as trendy as ever. Many people are either getting them or wondering if they should. I just got bangs impulsively and I really like them, but there are some things I did not realize about having bangs that Pinterest does not share with the world.

They take up alot of my time. I have thick hair, which I do not wash every single day, but bangs can get gross or crazy looking after about a day. In order to have clean bangs, I must wash them in my sink. This takes about five minutes. Also, by the end of washing them, there is water dripping down my face. I look like a wet dog, so obviously I have to blow dry them and style them, which can take me about ten minutes. This means I have to wake up fifteen minutes earlier than I used to so I can get to school on time, which is a struggle. Also, some days it is very windy. If wind occurs when you’re outside, kiss your good bang day away because they get messed up and it can be hard to get them to where they were. Another thing you must realize is bangs can make your forehead breakout, so make sure you wash your face and make sure you pull your bangs off your forehead a bit so they can breathe. I really do like my new look, but if you want to get them, do not be impulsive do your research and make sure you can commit to them.