Titans Shock Ravens, Texans Collapse Spectacularly

Rajath Prabhakar, Sports Editor

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Tennessee Titans 28, Baltimore Ravens 12

This game saw the Ravens undeniably rusty after most of their starters had seen no playing time in 3 weeks. It was the perfect recipe for the success of Derrick Henry, who had a big game once again, with nearly 200 yards on 30 carries. The Titans’ defense was stifling, forcing Baltimore to become one-dimensional offensively. 


Houston Texans 31, Kansas City Chiefs 51

For 1 and a half quarters, the Chiefs defense appeared to be going Full Reid, spotting the Texans 3 touchdowns. As it turns out, there are 4 quarters in a football game. The Texans evidently forgot this crucial fact, as they stopped playing after jumping out to a 24-0 second quarter lead. The subsequent collapse was one that made 28-3 look normal. After giving up 4 touchdowns in 10 minutes,  Houston managed to find themselves down at the half. It only got worse, eventually resulting in the Texans being outscored 51-7 in the last 35 minutes. The Chiefs will take on One Yard Short in the AFC Championship, where they will have a tough task containing Derrick Henry and their formidable run game.