49ers Bludgeon Vikings, Packers Clip Wings of Seahawks

Rajath Prabhakar, Sports Editor

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Minnesota Vikings 10, San Francisco 49ers 27

The 1-6 matchup in the divisional round was a story of fatigue and rest. The 49ers were fresh and healthy off of a bye, while the Vikings were banged up after an overtime win against the Saints in the Superdome. This would prove costly for Skol Nation, as they proceeded to get completely smacked by the best defense in football. The Vikings managed just under 150 total yards of offense, and were dominated in the possession battle (39-21). The Vikings have still not reached a Super Bowl since the Bud Grant era, and will add another chapter to their legacy of failure. The 49ers, meanwhile, will face NFC West Rival Seahawks/Green Bay Packers for a trip to Miami in Super Bowl LIV. 


Seattle Seahawks 23, Green Bay Packers 28


Seattle came out flat in the first half, falling behind 21-3 at halftime. By the time the Seahawks had climbed back into the game via Russell Wilson heroics, it was too late. A cowardly decision by Pete Carroll to punt on 4th and short late in the ballgame, down five, was the nail in the coffin for the Seahawks. Seattle never got the ball back, and two Green Bay first downs on the ensuing possession knocked the Hawks out of the playoffs. This matchup, as lopsided as it was in the first half, was the only game decided by 1 possession or less in the 2020 Divisional Round.