Australia is Burning


The beautiful Australia is not being hurt by the fires, it is being hurt by humans that just want to keep following destroying their home, this earth. Picture Credit: Creative Commons

Maynor Chinchilla

Australia, an incredible country and continent, represents diversity and beauty. Sadly, this country is passing through bad times that are taking these qualities away from it.


 Australia has been burning since November 11, and more than 100 of these fires are still burning today. These fires start because of the hot, dry and windy weather. The question that some people have is why? 


Some think that this is normal, while others think that this is happening because humans are destroying the world, which is the only home that animals, humans and plants have. Sadly, humans don’t remember this until something bad happens.


A lone tree left in a field that used to be full of greenery. Picture Credit: Creative Commons


There is only one earth that houses millions of species and billions of people. Over 12.35 million acres of land have burned and this number is increasing.


One billion or more animals have died and are dying in the forests and hospitals of Australia. They have lost their homes and habitats due to these fires. Humans should try to help the animals and the forest, but not everyone tries. Some don’t care about the problems of climate change.


Unfortunately, these changes are happening right now and not just in Australia. In The Galapagos Island, the habitats and animals will disappear if humans don’t do anything to make a better world, and make a better future.


This smoke has caused tragedy and pain in Australia as a result of these forest fires. Picture Credit: Creative Commons


Older generations do not know what can happen, or how they destroy the future for new generations. Now is the time to teach and learn from the mistakes that society and others have made. Humans can build a new and better world by helping the lives of not just other humans.


People have to remember that plants are alive and help produce oxygen, which we breathe. The sad part is that even though they help us, we are destroying them. The definition of this is not mutualism (which is what it should be), it is parasitism because we are destroying our planet, animals and plants.


Please ask yourself this question. “Do I need to help the earth or just be comfortable at my house while the lives of other people, animals and plants are destroyed?”


To find out how other people think about this, The Roswell Sting interviewed students and teachers about their thoughts.


Ginny Hartigan is a science teacher at Roswell High School, and she teaches environment and biology. She thinks that we can make a better future by informing the new generations to make a connection between humans and the world. She lives by these rules: “Be imperfectly Vegan, be imperfectly zero waste, be imperfectly plastic free, and be imperfectly sustainable.”


 Furthermore, Ginny Hartigan said, “Have hope because without hope, no one tries to do anything and try to help find solutions.”


Sophomores, Emanuel Serrano and Cindy Maldonado think that we should try to take better care of our planet. Also, they think that we should help more animals plants, and start to make a better future without pollution, and without the high level of climate change.


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