Black Student Union Upcoming Community Service Event

Warm, homemade meals are given out to the homeless. Photo Credit:

Warm, homemade meals are given out to the homeless. Photo Credit:

Chloe Scott

Black Student Union is an institution that advocates the needs of students that are widely overlooked through empowering, teaching, expounding upon and exploring the Black experience in all aspects of  life teenagers would otherwise blindly stumble through. 

Contrary to popular belief, BSU isn’t strictly permitted to African American members. Rather, all ethnicities are welcome with open arms. Click here, to get a closer look of Roswell’s demography to better understand the ethnic ratios that make up the school. 

 At Roswell Highschool, there are about 30 members in the club, with meetings on the first week of each month. On January 9 there was a meeting where the president,  Michael Henderson, spoke of an upcoming community service event. 

The plan is for BSU members to volunteer at North Fulton charities on February 1st, where the club members will make sandwiches for a church to deliver to the homeless. The staff is still finalizing specific details, and double checking that there aren’t any closer options to Roswell that BSU can volunteer at. 

When speaking with Michaela Tolliver, a junior member of BSU, about her thoughts on the upcoming event, she stated, “I’m very excited to go into the community and do something that’s both worthwhile and rewarding. In times like this it’s very important to give back to the community and help ones that are in need at any possible moment that we can, and BSU is all about that! I can’t wait for everything else Black Student Union has in store”

Many of the BSU members express the same sentiment, excitement for the upcoming event spreading like a disease amongst the student body. Students who are not a member of the club are more than welcome to attend as well. For any further inquiries, contact Mrs.Coffie for more information. It’s never too late!