Monkey 68: pricey, but top-notch sushi in Roswell


The Cra-Bi roll, from Monkey 68, is stuffed with lump crap, shrimp, snow crab, and topped off with spicy mayo. Photo Credit: Smriti Tayal

In Roswell, there are very few places that serve quality sushi, but the one restaurant that consistently serves good sushi is Monkey 68. Located on Green Street, just off of Canton Street, Monkey 68 serves fresh maki and hand rolls. While sushi is their specialty, they also serve a variety of Korean-inspired dishes such as kimchi fried rice and slices of pork belly. Some of their most popular rolls are the double-decker and she-sho fresh. 

Due to the quality of the ingredients and service, the trip to Monkey 68 is not cheap. There is required valet parking and the dishes/sushi rolls start at $14. Monkey 68 is classier than most restaurants, so it is perfect for special events. Roswell isn’t their only location; a new location just opened up in Alpharetta.

While pricey, Monkey 68 will without-a-doubt serve some of the best quality sushi in Roswell.