Review of Virgil Abloh exhibit at the High Museum


The High advertises short term displays on this large scale billboard to get art enthusiasts excited. Photo Credit: Macey MacArthur

The High Museum of Art in metro Atlanta is home to many exquisite pieces, but also houses short term featured exhibits, such as this month’s display of Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech. Abloh is an American designer, DJ, entrepreneur, and artist who rose quickly to fame. After working with big names such as Drake, he is now the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men’s wear collection and owns his own fashion lines. As a fashion and activism enthusiast, the exhibit had been calling my name since it arrived in Atlanta.

The entire 2nd floor of the main museum building was converted into an industrial themed, brightly colored, high fashion map of Virgil Abloh’s life’s work. The walls told his story, utilizing QR codes to portray information without crowding the wall space. Everything was laid out in a looping array of about 4 rooms, that ended in a very expensive and almost crowded, upscale gift shop. A promotional video for Pyrex, Abloh’s first fashion brand, played on one wall providing a constant background soundtrack while viewing the art. Some authentic clothing pieces were on racks next to images of them on the runway, and the exhibit also showcased some personal pieces Abloh had made for himself. Overall, as a frequent visitor of the High Museum, I feel that Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech is one of the best displays to be brought in.