Downsizing is the new upsizing


Above is an example of a tiny house, providing the seclusion and privacy from others in the deep serene mountains that one desires. Photo Credit: UnSplash

Ansley Tanner, News Editor

Tiny Houses are the new mansion. The new trend is not to live massively, but simply. These houses are anywhere below four hundred square feet and can be made out of anything one could think of. Some of the most absurd houses are built out of school buses or storage containers. They are very convenient for traveling families who do not want to pay a mortgage or worry about expensive heating and plumbing bills. However, since there is limited space inside these houses, one has to be strategic with the storage of goods. Rarely is their full-sized hardware in the kitchen and beds are raised on lofts to save space. Tiny compartments are also fit into unlikely places like in the floorboards and under staircases.