Watch and gain some “Power” on those lazy Sunday nights

The show

The show “Power” is a must watch show that I enjoy watching with my friends and family on Sunday night. Do yourself a favor and catch up on the channel “Stars”! Photo Credit:

Jakai Spikes, Twitter Captain

If you know Jakai Spikes, you would know that every Sunday night I’m planted in front of my TV to catch a new episode of the show Power. I will never forget the feeling that overflowed my body with joy once I started understanding the concept of the show. Power is an American Crime/Drama Show that takes the watchers behind the scenes of “Ghost” A.K.A James St. Patrick, as he runs a drug empire while trying to balance his relationships with family and friends. I think the reason why I’m obsessed with the show is that it lets my eyes experience a lifestyle that I’ve never witnessed before. Observing the way people move in the show reminds me of the shady people I’ve encountered during my lifetime. Even though the show is cutthroat, it has some funny scenes and commentary that makes me laugh very hard. The show has well-rounded and entertaining characters that draw the watchers in every Sunday. My favorite part about watching this show is going on social media after the show and seeing the responses from other viewers commenting on the end result of the show. At the end of every episode, it ends with a cliff-hanger, leaving the watchers wanting to watch more and more.