My sudden interest in screenwriting


Trying a new hobby can be great for the new year. Photo Credit: UnSplash

Chloe Scott, Instagram Co-Captain

Growing up I’ve always been a writer. I remember writing ever since I was in second grade. Even my family knew I had a natural talent for it because of my ability to consciously create new stories at such a young age. Submersing myself in the stories I write has always been an enjoyable escape for me. Being able to create new characters and settings that I would rather spend my time in let me feel as though I was there. It can be argued that that feeling is necessary in order to create a good story. 

I’ve always told people that I want to be an author whenever asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I used to be beyond confident in my answer, but reality hit me and I realized that though my dream was possible, it wasn’t efficient in obtaining the lifestyle I want. Yes, famous authors can make a lot of money, but the process is long. Now as I explore the different majors and careers that I can decide to commit to, it’s been a struggle to find something that I think I would genuinely enjoy. 

My father has always told me to consider screenwriting, which is writing a film script that includes acting instructions and scene directions. My journalism teacher, Ms. Volpert, also backed up the recommendation with her knowledge of the trade, which sealed my interest. I’ve gone to Barnes and Noble to purchase a screenwriting format book and my father gave me one of his other books to use as well, which focuses on the aspect of turning a story into a movie. 

The challenge of learning camera shots, format techniques, and the overall general rules of screenwriting has made me realize that no job is easy. The challenge is what will make the end result all the more satisfactory, but the learning process can be frustrating. I’ve yet to attempt my first script, though I know that if I enjoy it I will be taking screenwriting classes over the summer and maybe attending college camps or internships. Next school year (my senior year), I will be taking Dramatic Writing, which I think will be the perfect foundation of learning the craft. 

If screenwriting does prove to be a reliable, enjoyable experience that I can see myself pursuing for the remainder of my life, then I’m glad that I’m setting the process in motion now.