How Will Schnauss is creating a racket in the Varsity tennis team


Sahba Ostovarravary

Will Schnauss, Varsity Tennis Player

Sahba Ostovarravary, Staff Writer

Being able to balance difficult classes with one of the most challenging varsity sports is something very few people can handle, but Junior Will Schnauss manages to excel in both his academic and his tennis career.


Will started playing tennis at a very young age. “I’ve been playing tennis since fifth grade, but I really got into it later in sixth grade,” said Will. “I got into it because I was trying out different sports as a kid, and tennis instantly became my favorite. It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I’ve started.”


Will plays for the school’s varsity tennis team, and he keeps up with tennis outside of school as well. “I occasionally participate in tournaments around Georgia. During the summer I’ll play with local teams against various other teams in the state, and most days I practice for an hour and a half after school,” said Will. 


When asked about his plans once he graduates from high school, Will said “I’d like to play in college, though it would be difficult to get into a team, and I might even keep playing even after college.” 


Most people struggle with having to spend hours practicing for a sport while keeping up with their academic career, but Will manages to focus on both without trouble. “I keep a balance between school and practice by not taking too many AP’s so I don’t get overwhelmed,” said Will.