Space Race 2.0

Sylvia Nelson

“Exploration for the Mars begins in 2030 and hopefully we can call this red planet our new home” Photo credit:

History itself may be on its way to repeat itself by starting back up manned missions into space again, but mainly focusing on the moon and other planets in our solar system such as Mars, and possibly Jupiter. The team of astronauts that will Space-x’s first manned flight mission is called the DRAGON, at least for this mission they won’t be traveling to the moon or mars but only going into Earth’s orbit. The “In-flight test was conducted only last month in January, while the official launch will happen May 7th,2020 with the dragon crew consisting of (Robert L Behnkein and Douglas G. Hurley.) Many engineers and flight operations have been having issues with trying to get the parachute perfect for re-entry. CEO of Space-X Elon Musk wants the parachute to be 200% perfect and “twice as safe as the ones used in the Apollo missions. In other news on the future and research side of it, NASA has recently discovered that Jupiter has more water than they thought, supposedly “.025%” of the atmosphere is made up of water molecules, which also means that the planet contains hydrogen and oxygen. They are researching the discovery more in-depth as well as seeing how they can send a “rover or satellite of some sort to explore the planet”. As summer is upon us NASA is rushing to finish the final touches and updates as well as measurers with their newest technological advisement the Mars rover. The whole plan for the Mars rover specifically is to gather new information as well as gather samples such as (dirt,rocks,etc.) for our friendly red planet. Alan Barrett said “Not saying that we shouldn’t explore space,but the fact that our government is more concerned with exploring other planets and moons rather than working on trying to take care of the one that all the people live on is one of the reasons more people aren’t behind space exploration”. NASA has recently announced that alien life might be hiding underground on mars or even in the caves.Since not much exploration has been able to happen on mars due to not having a rover. The friendly small planet has over “1,000 potential cave entrances that have been unexplored. Many NASA scientists have discovered that they need to make a very sustainable bot for them to explore the red planet.Along with sending the rover this summer, are also working on ways to send things into the mars caves to explore possible life forms and unknown parts of mars. NASA’S end goal with Mars is to hopefully send humans to Mars by 2030. Hopefully with the bulking up of the space program it will improve our knowledge and education with space.

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