Stacey Abrams speaks at Roswell


Stacey Abrams answered student questions from those who attended and told stories of her time in high school while living in Georgia. Photo Credit: Ava Weinreb

Ava Weinreb

The Black Student Union held a Black History Month celebration in the Roswell auditorium on March 2nd, highlighting key speaker Stacey Abrams.


Abrams ran for governor in the 2018 election against the incumbent Brain Kemp. Her intelligence took her far: Valedictorian of her high school and three degrees from Spelman College, University of Texas Austin and Yale University. 


With an arsenal of skill and determination, Stacey took on the political scene. Although Abrams did not win the seat, she continues to pave the way for citizens all around the south by encouraging voter participation and equal representation across Georgia. 


Her organization, Fair Fight, works to advocate for free and fair elections throughout the state of Georgia through litigation, legislation and advocacy. She plans to continue her political career in Georgia, but has spoken about accepting any possible job offers in D.C.


At the event Stacey discussed the importance of remembering Black History Month, the powerful impact those we remember left on today’s society and the way in which we can use those icons to set goals for ourselves today. Abrams put an emphasis on being able to advocate for everyone, no matter their race, gender or geographic location, bringing to light multiple ways that everyone, young and old, can get involved in the world of politics.


“Say what you want, why you want it, then how you’re gonna get it,” Abrams chanted into the crowd as she continues to help everyone understand the achievement of both personal goals and political goals surrounding the immense amounts of voter inequality that plague our state. 


Through a personal anecdote, Stacey divulged her story about facing racism throughout her childhood growing up poor in the south, and learning how to face racism and becoming her own super hero. Senior and President of the Young Democrats club Brooke Henry said, “The speech was so inspiring and gave so much insight to politics and how everyone can get involved, including high schoolers who can’t vote yet.”


Thank you to co-presidents and Seniors Micheal Henderson and DaySha Gibson for such a wonderful and successful event. 

Co-president Micheal Henderson gave a speech with a special thank you to the Riverwood High School Black Student Union who was also in attendance. Photo Credit: Ava Weinreb