Poke Bar: a fresh and healthy lunch spot for those craving something new


My small bowl included white rice, shrimp, salmon, green onion, cucumber, crab salad, and ginger all doused in their tangy house sauce and ponzu, and topped with crispy onion and furikake. Photo Credit: Smriti Tayal

   With multiple locations around the Atlanta area, Poke Bar is a quick and delicious lunch spot that serves poke bowls, ramen (at certain locations), and bubble tea. They have several locations near Roswell which include their North Point branch and their Avalon branch. They serve fresh poke, which is a dish native to Hawaii that traditionally consists of raw fish tossed in a sauce, typically sesame or ponzu. Poke Bar amps up their version of poke by adding more options to their mix-ins and sauce ideas. 

   The whole concept of their chain restaurant is that customers can create their own customizable poke bowl. The customer can first choose their bowl size of either small (two proteins), medium (three proteins) or large (four proteins). After choosing a size, a base of either brown or white rice is selected. They then choose a protein that includes raw and cooked options. Their selection of raw proteins is salmon, tuna, albacore, and scallops. Their cooked selection is shrimp, octopus, chicken, bulgogi beef, and tofu. Once the base and protein are chosen, the customer can add as many mix-ins as they would like. These include fresh veggies and fruits. The sauces are sesame oil, ponzu, spicy mayo, sweet chili, wasabi shoyu, shoyu, and their house sauce. At the very end, sides and toppings are added. 

   Poke Bar gets fresh fish delivered daily, so the best quality of ingredients is going into every bowl. The customer service is amazing and the food is delicious. This fast, cheap, and healthy restaurant is a must on everyone’s lunch spot list.