Best TV shows and movies to watch while in quarantine

With all this time on our hands, you can now watch the shows and movies you didn’t have time for. Photo Credit:

The coronavirus has affected our lives drastically. Since everyone is in quarantine, there is a lot of free time on our hands. With this free time, you can now watch tons of TV shows and movies. If you’re into action and adventure movies, go checkout “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse”, “Jumanji: the Next Level”, and “Black Panther”. These fantastic movies take you on journeys and make you feel as if you’re a character alongside them in the film. If you’re into drama filled TV shows, I recommend “All American”, “Riverdale”, and “The 100”. These shows will suck you in and leave you wanting another episode immediately. These shows are all available on HULU and Netflix. Now go grab your favorite snack and binge watch these shows and movies!