A foodie’s guide to the best places to eat in Boston


Mike’s Pastry Nutella Cannoli. Worth the 30-minute wait. Photo Credit: Bridget Frame

Bridget Frame, Director of Graphics

During this unplanned “Corona-cation”, I have spent my time daydreaming about times where I was able to travel and go to restaurants. One of my favorite places I’ve been to is the city of Boston. I was able to spend three weeks up there during the summer and I found some amazing spots to eat. Here are some of Boston’s best bites!


1. Dumpling Cafe

This is my #1 spot to eat in Boston. It has the best soup dumplings I have ever eaten in my life. The food is fresh and delicious, with so many options to choose from. I think I ate there at least four times during my three weeks and I didn’t regret it at all. 


2. Mike’s Pastry

While known for its cannoli’s, Mikes is also known for its long lines. It wraps outside the building for a chance to grab a box of pastries. But the Nutella cannoli I had was worth the time. The experience of waiting can be fun too. I got to chat with some locals and find out more about Boston.

3. Pomodoro

This restaurant was pricey, but it had some of the best pasta. It’s a hideaway Italian restaurant located in the North End. It’s small, and cash only, so make sure to visit the ATM before you stop in. The pasta is handmade and the sauce fragrant and decadent. My favorite part was the complimentary piece of tiramisu at the end of the meal. 


4. Any of the bakeries in the north end 

Last but certainly not least is the bakeries. While living in Georgia has its perks, it doesn’t have the bread that the North has. Any bakery you stop in the that looks like it’s run by Italian grandmothers, you should probably buy your bread there. And your cookies…and your pasta. Don’t sleep on good, old fashioned bread. There’s something different in the water up North that makes it taste like magic.