Some of the best beaches that are sure to make a great vacation spot

This is one of the main attractions Seaside is known for, this big triangle shaped structure leading towards the beach. Photo Credit:

Alex Johnson, Twitter Co-Captain

There are many popular and quality beaches out all around the U.S., but these are the ones that I have been to that stand out to me the most because of how good my experience was.

Seaside, Florida: Seaside is a great beach with good people and surroundings. Most people would agree and argue that Seaside is one of the best beaches in the U.S. This is my number one favorite because there is so much to do down there. With all the restaurants by the beach to the Seaside shops and piers, it is definitely one of the best. Many people come to Seaside for vacation, especially on spring break you can expect to see a lot of people all around the Seaside area, which in fact is pretty big. All around, Seaside, Florida continues to be my number one, especially with the drive from Roswell being not far at all.

Savannah, Georgia: Savannah is usually a hit or miss with people, they either love it or hate it. When I went down to Savannah, I loved it.  I didn’t really see a reason to hate it. I think what I liked the most about Savannah is how close everything is. There are multiple hotels right next to the beach, such as the one that I stayed in, which was right next to the beach. I also like that it wasn’t just the beach; there were seating areas next to pools outside of the hotel/beach and you could just do whatever, which I thought was cool considering usually it is just a straight walk to the beach.