Coronavirus causes cancelations in school sports

Grace Swift, Staff Writer

Coronavirus, more precisely COVID-19, has become one of the fastest viruses to spread in a long time. Due to the need to slow down the virus and to hopefully stop it from becoming more dangerous, many events have been canceled, such as prom, graduation, festivals, and many sports in and out of school. The coronavirus has also caused the cancellation of the remainder of the school year and all school activities, including all spring sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, track and others.

This is very disappointing for the players and many feel upset about the situation.  

“I have never been on a lacrosse team that bonded as quickly as our team did this year. We have a very strong relationship as a team and when we found out our lacrosse season was cut short during our last game, it was a very emotional moment. It’s been really hard going from seeing my team every day to only being able to communicate through the phone, but our team’s relationship is still strong and will last past the season ending,” says senior Lindsay Burgess, Co-Captain of Varsity Girls Lacrosse. 

Lindsay Burgess
Roswell’s Senior Girls on Varsity Lacrosse Team

”Lacrosse has provided me some of the best memories and friendships throughout high school, and it has been very tough to face the reality that I won’t ever get to play with my team or at the high school again. It still doesn’t feel real sometimes, but my coaches and teammates have provided me and the rest of the seniors on our team so much support and we are very grateful for it,” she continues. Burgess is a senior, and consequently, this season was her last in high school. 

 COVID-19 has sadly caused many other seniors to feel this way about their last season at Roswell. Many sports have tried to show their support for the seniors by posting pictures on Instagram on Senior Night. 

”We thought it would be something special to show our seniors that we love them and that we appreciate them even though we couldn’t show it in person! They didn’t get to play on their senior night so we posted an appreciation post to show them how much they really meant to us,” says sophomore Bailey Oetinger. All we can hope as a community is that COVID-19 slows down and soon stops spreading so that athletics can get back to normal.