How College Lacrosse Recruitment is Being Affected by Covid-19 

Due to Covid-19, it's harder for the players to show of their talents for recruiters.
Photo credit: Unsplash

Due to Covid-19, it’s harder for the players to show of their talents for recruiters. Photo credit: Unsplash

Luke Hicks, Staff Writer

Every year, scouts from colleges sweep the nation in search of the prospective freshmen that will take the next step from high school to college sports. The recruitment process was already overwhelming and stressful without a worldwide pandemic, and now with the virus, the process becomes even harder. However, college coaches and scouts will still able to recruit from September 30th.  

Prior to Covid, the process was started on September 1st of the athlete’s junior year.  Scouts are now online more than ever, researching club teams, watching film and tuning into the recent club tournaments being held under pandemic guidelinesIn a poll taken by the NCAA, 46% of coaches reported that their recruitment processes are being delayed, 39% reported no change, and 15% reported that the pandemic has sped up their personal recruiting process. With the highest proportion of those surveyed saying that their recruitment processes were delayed, final roster spots will not be completed on the normal date and will likely be pushed back. There will now be less roster spots due to the returning seniors 

What does this mean for the upcoming athletes looking for recruitment opportunities and how can you put yourself on scouts’ radars? Here are some tips that can help you reach your goal. 

  • Release your film 

The most important way to get scouts attention is releasing film for everyone to see. Your highlight reel will ultimately show who you are as a player on the field and what a scout can expect from the player. 

  • Creating your platform 

You can create a platform for yourself on Hudl, and the NCSA website where college coaches can see your grades, physical characteristics such as height and weight, and your game film. 

Hudl is a great way to get your film out for everyone to see. 

  • Go to College Camps 

The best way to get close relationships with coaches can start with a simple camp/prospect day where coaches can see you firsthand. If you play good at the camp, you give yourself a big opportunity to get looked at in the future .

  • Prepare unofficial visits to college campuses 

Going on visits to campuses gives you a great idea on where you are getting recruited as well as how you like the coaches and the atmosphere. This can give you a great way to make your final decision on your commitment. 

There are many other ways to show your interest in schools and programs that you can be recruited to, but it all relies on your play, grades, and platform that you build yourself. During these hard times it may be difficult and different from the normal, but there is still a way to reach your goal.