Teachers’ online school opinions

Maynor Chinchilla, Editor - People Page

Coronavirus has changed so many things: jobs, the economy, and the way we stay safe. This has caused a lot of controversies because everyone has a different point of view in life. One of the big controversies in the country are schools. Parents talk about how their kids are going to be affected because their kids are not socializing. Others say that right now kids need to not socialize to be safe. Opinions like this go on and on. The entire country has heard an opinion from either parents or kids, but what do teachers think about these changes?

To discover the way teachers feel the Roswell Sting interviewed teachers from Elkins Pointe Middle School and Roswell High School. These two schools are located in Fulton County, which is a county located in the central portion of the state of Georgia. Approximately 90% of the city of Atlanta is within Fulton County, according to Wikipedia. As a result of the pandemic, the Fulton County School district decided to begin the school year by using remote learning, which means that students are taking classes from home while teachers are in the school building giving classes through technology. A lot of students have shown stress and are sad about the fact that the school year starts like this. 

Teachers can have many opinions about online school but every single one of them are positive.
Credit of the picture to unsplash

Some teachers, including Ms. Mathis, a Roswell High School teacher, thinks that this change was good for some students, but bad for others. Some students adapt easier while for others, it can take more time. Ms. Kemper also thinks the same and that is why she wants every student and parent to know that if they are having a problem, the communication lines are open to talk to teachers and not feel alone. Mr. Foskey, one of the ESOL teachers from Roswell High School says that he is enjoying and learning a lot from this new way of teaching. He also tells the Roswell Sting that he is having some problems right now but in the future, they will be solved because everyone will have more experience with computers and technology systems. Ms. Young, one of the teachers from Elkins Pointe Middle School, describes online school in six words: safe, convenient, frustrating, interesting, innovative, and glitchy. As a Fulton County student or teacher these six words are relatable to everyone experiencing this school year. Ms. Mathis and Ms. Kemper shared the same thought that school would be easy if all students had their cameras on but they also think that the school should not force any student to have their cameras on, especially since it adds stress to the already stressed-out students. They said that they feel like they are just talking to a computer when no one has their cameras on and doesn’t want to speak. 

So if you are a student and you are reading this, please turn your camera on and make your teacher’s day better. Remember to inform the school or your teacher if you are having any trouble because in this time, communication can save your life. Also remember to be safe and to wear your face mask to protect others and wash your hands to protect yourself, and if you are a teacher or student please don’t let any technology problem stop you from shining.