Little kids face big challenges this school year

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Life is a bit different these days. Now with many schools being completely online, kids are having to adjust to a whole new way of learning. 

Middle schoolers Faith and Hope Sandstrom share the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis with online learning. “Nothing loads, and I can’t get onto my meetings, and my teachers get mad at me,” Faith states. Hope faces similar challenges and goes more in depth about being unable to fully understand some of her more challenging classes, “It’s a lot harder to learn in some of my classes I’m not very good at like math, and whenever it glitches I may miss a meeting.” 

There is not much to be done to fix these problems but what students must continue to do is roll with the punches. It helps to have a routine. Without one, younger kids start to go a little stir crazy. Faith and Hope Sandstrom have their own routine. As soon as they wake up they get washed up and eat breakfast. After this, they watch a bit of television and log onto school at 9:00 am on the dot. They have six 45 minute class periods with a fifteen minute break in between each class and of course a lunch break from 12:45 to 1:15. Something Hope says would make online school more bearable is to extend the 15 minute breaks a bit. Now this would be helpful but it’s a bit unrealistic because school would end even later than it already does. There is really no getting around this problematic schedule. 

Online school can be difficult but is one of the best way to be safe.
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Something that is very important is getting some exercise outside in the fresh air. Faith and Hope Sandstrom go outside during almost every break to get away from staring at a screen for hours. Many elementary schoolers have had trouble adjusting to online school as well and getting outside is especially important to get their jitters out. Elementary schooler Angie Soroka says, “I like to ride my bike when I’m on a school break.” One thing that she has been struggling with is the fact that there is almost no social interaction as there would be in school, “I don’t get to have conversations with my friends. I don’t get to see them at all.” This would take a toll on anyone including the younger kids who don’t get to leave the house by themselves.

There is no doubt that today’s generation of children are getting a much different childhood than anyone before them. They are having to adapt to changes many would never have dreamed of. If you want to read up on how today’s high schoolers are adapting to online school to compare it to how younger students are adapting go to Drew Maddox article (insert link).