Colton Simmons on Unsplash

Strange to see the very famous Fenway Park with no fans in the seats for this years 2020 season.

Alex Johnson, Co-editor - Sports Page

With the Coronavirus pandemic people are doing whatever they can to get things back to normal. All of the major sports leagues have adjusted a lot for their season continue in the midst of COVID 19. The MLB is no different this season. 

 Starting off with their adjusted schedules, The MLB usually has a 162 game season, but due to Covid-19 they have adjusted their schedules to a 60 game season, a substantial decrease from past years. Many people thought that not just the MLB but all of sports were going to be canceled this 2020 season due to Covid-19. However, they did find a way to play a safe and playable 2020 season. 

 The MLB has also given the option for players to opt out of the 2020 season if they do not feel comfortable playing. Although many players have taken up this offer, this does affect their team. The MLB decided that players that are deemed high risk will still get paid their full salaryHowever, players that aren’t deemed high risk who opt out will not.  

 Another big change in the MLB this season is no fans allowed in the stands, The MLB along with all the other sports organizations have agreed to not let anyone in the stands as a safety precaution. This is a big change to not only the fans but the players themselves. Playing a regular season game with no one in the stands will be very different from having thousands of fans screaming your name while you’re on the field. 

 Sophomore Lawson Jarrett says “I was actually pretty surprised to see that we were actually going to have baseball this year and all the other sports as well, I really hate that there is no fans in the stadium, I was looking forward to going to games.”