How the NFL plans on letting fans in    

Some NFL teams have decided to let the fans attend the games by week 3.
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Some NFL teams have decided to let the fans attend the games by week 3. Photo credit:

William Tribick, Staff Writer

During this COVID-19 pandemic, sports temporarily came to a halt. Players all over the NFL have been urging the commissioner to start up the season in hopes of playing again. Through many zoom calls and board meetings, the NFL board of directors decided it was time for the NFL to make its 2020 debut. But one question still remains… Is there going to be live, in-person football?

Teams all over the country have been asking this question ever since the board of directors voted for the 2020 season. But some teams already have an answer. The reigning super bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs have voted to allow fans to watch their team play live along with the Cleveland Browns. Obviously, due to the pandemic, the teams are only allowing in a certain amount of fans. The Browns are only letting in 6,000 fans out of 67,895 fan capacity. This makes it so fans are more diverse and spread out to limit the chances of spreading/catching the virus and still able to watch the game.

The teams that aren’t letting anyone in their doors are fairly certain that there will be fans in their stadiums by the end of the season. Some teams have already decided that fans will be able to come in and enjoy a game by the third week. According to WSBTV, “The Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United announced Tuesday that a limited number of fans will be allowed to attend games starting in October.” This will allow time for the Falcons franchise to see if COVID cases rise and make a decision.  Some teams are forced to not let fans in due to their state’s COVID-19 policy while other teams choose to abide by the COVID-19 regulations from the CDC.  

The thought of NFL games without fans is going to be hard to acclimate to. The teams without fans will pump in cheering and chatter through their loudspeakers as a way for players and viewers to familiarize with the vacant seats in the stadium. Even the players and coaches have to adapt to the new COVID policy. According to CNN, “The New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders, are being fined $250,000 each because their head coaches were not wearing face coverings during a game Monday” This proves that the NFL is taking the pandemic extremely seriously and will make anyone, no matter their position on a team, pay for not following their COVID policy.

Throughout the season, teams will either be given the go-ahead to open their doors or they will be forced to close down their doors for the rest of the season. All the rules fans will have to abide by will take the fun out of enjoying a live game. But to those die-hard fans, they would do almost anything to watch their favorite team play live.