Review of restaurant Ipp’s


The spaghetti and other Italian dishes are excellent at Ipp’s. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Ansley Tanner

Ipp’s is a restaurant that has been open in downtown Roswell for almost a year. It serves Italian cuisine and is a smaller version of the chain Ippolito’s. It is in a very convenient location for a night on the town and the food is amazing. All the meals are kicked off with garlic knots like no other. They are big and served with the perfect marinara sauce that tops it all off. 


I would rate the food a 10/10. Due to COVID, the restaurant offers takeout orders, seating outside, and socially distanced tables. All the workers in the restaurant including hosts, waiters, and bartenders wear masks for caution. The outdoor patio is covered with tvs and fans, allowing for a great outdoor experience.


 Since Ipp’s is a relatively new restaurant, it is very clean and organized in the precautions taken in order to stop the spread of the virus. Paper menus and napkins are given to customers to provide a single time use in order to avoid passing germs through sharing items among customers.


 Overall, the dining experience is great and I highly recommend attending this restaurant while out in downtown Roswell. It is a family-friendly, very fun environment.