All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur drops on Amazon Prime

Ashley Meyer, Staff Writer

Amazon Prime has been producing the All or Nothing series since it followed the 2016 season of the Arizona Cardinals, but is the newest season about the 2019-20 Tottenham Hotspurs the best yet? I don’t think so. The show had the opportunity to build off the unique personality of Jose Mourhino and the implications of COVID-19 on the unprecedented season, but in my opinion the producers do not give this compelling story the drama it deserves.

During the show the brand new stadium is a point of interest as the club spent over 700 million pounds to build it, and is now hoping to fill the stadium with a quality of play that lives up to the quality of the stadium and the expectations of the fans. (Tim Bechervaise)

Sitting down to watch the show in my basement I was excited to take an inside look at the infamous mind of Jose Mourhino and was pleasantly surprised to see the show rushes through Mauricio Pochettino’s games to establish the focus on the unique personality of Mourhino, but as the episodes progress I did not get the insight I was hoping for. The series focuses a large portion of the episodes on Mourihno, but as the show wrapped up I did not feel I learned anything new about him or his philosophies. The halftime speeches and post match interviews began to feel repetitive and the soft nature of the Tottenham players did not bring out the reality TV drama I was looking forward to. There were interesting locker room moments I very much enjoyed, but they were few and far between. 

The show did not focus on the Tottenham fans as much as I would have hoped. A bigger focus on the fans could have brought more passion to the show and elevated the experience for the viewer (Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez)

The show was entertaining, but it had the potential to be much better. The shortcomings may be the result of only having a 9 episode season that can only focus on the most important moments of the season or the high expectations the Manchester City edition of the show set for me. Overall I would give the show a 7/10 rating because it was an entertaining show and I was disappointed when I realized no more episodes would be dropping, but it had room to be better and capitalize on the unique stories behind the scenes at Tottenham. I believe any soccer fan looking for a new show during quarantine would definitely enjoy the show All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs, but it is not the best soccer documentary I have watched.