All about the new mutated COVID strain


Sitting in quarantine. Photo Credit: Will Tribick

William Tribick, Staff Writer

Thinking played a big role in quarantine this past spring. With all that alone time there wasn’t anything else to do but think. Too much thinking is bad, especially when thinking about the current pandemic were living in. Overthinking about the virus wasn’t very rare during the lockdown. Thoughts of another strain of Covid-19 also crossed many people’s minds. People would joke about a zombie strain of the virus when people all feared a mutant strain of Covid-19.   

Recently reports of a mutant strain of Covid-19 appeared in the United Kingdom. This strain is extremely contagious and holds the threat of another lockdown. John Hopkins Research states, “Although the mutated coronavirus may spread faster from person to person, it does not appear any more likely to cause severe disease or death”Cases of the new strain have been appearing rapidly all over the world with new cases from the United States to Japan. The new strain doesn’t call for any new mandates though, and that if everyone follows the Covid-19 guidelines they will be much safer from the virus. Although recently, with the Celebrations of the past new year and the mobs of Alabama fans after winning the National Championship this past Monday, Officials are prepared to see a tremendous spike in cases of this new strain. 

Questions arise with this new strain of the virus about the Pfizer vaccine and if it will prevent the new strain. Stuart Ray, Vice-Chair of Medicine for Data Integrity and Analytics states that “There is no evidence at this point that immune responses driven by current vaccines would not work against this new strain.” Even though if someone receives the shot, they could still be able to carry the virus and spread it, making a new strain still very contagious. Robert Bollinger, a Director at Johns Hopkins says, “We deal with mutations every year for the flu virus, and will keep an eye on this one and track it. If there would ever be a major mutation, the vaccine development process accommodates changes, if necessary, but we’re not at the point when we need to  consider that. The antibodies created by the current vaccines should still work.” 

This new strain will be the first of many mutants’ strains of Covid-19. Covid-19 experts are urging people to take action in this pandemic and asking them to follow the Covid-19 guidelines. Wearing a mask, staying socially distanced, and washing your hands are simple tasks that could potentially solve the Covid-19 crisis. Taking action is nothing close to harmful and could end this dreadful pandemic.