The 333 day wait comes to an end for the Roswell girls soccer team


Junior Phoebe Rathbun happy to be back on the field during the scrimmage against the varsity boys. Photo by Ashley Meyer

Ashley Meyer, Staff Writer


Last year the soccer season abruptly ended due to the coronavirus pandemic leaving players without a chance to go to playoffs and seniors without a senior night. Now almost a year later players are excited to get back together and compete as a team despite the unusual situation. Although this season will be unlike any other the team is preparing to make the best of the circumstances and hopefully have a winning season. 


The team had 10 graduating seniors last year leaving only 5 returning players to the varsity team which poses its own set of challenges. Sophomore Reghan Lednik said, “I think it’s going to be tough at the start of the season because of how last season ended out of nowhere and how we couldn’t do much socializing as a team.” Since there are so many new players team chemistry will be important to build early in the season. She feels that as the team starts playing together more the chemistry will improve which will help the team succeed. 


Senior and captain Mairead Clark has seen this in action and said, “Everyone seems to work well together and I look forward to continuing to build bonds with teammates on and off the field.” Despite having 15 new players the team is already starting to build relationships and learn to play as a team. 

Unfortunately the 2020 soccer season was cut short, but returning player Bailey Oetinger said, “I’m exited for the upcoming season and am hoping we can play a full season.” Photo from @roswellsoccer Instagram.

School sports have always been a place to grow friendships on and off the field and this year players are excited about this aspect of sports more than ever. Junior Anna Tyrell said, “I was super excited for the season to start since I haven’t been able to see my teammates for a while because of COVID. Soccer is a great way to socialize and interact with people in times like these.” Practices have now become not just a time to improve on the field, but also a time to see friend’s, players may not be able to see otherwise because of the pandemic. 


Nat Gore, 10th, said team practices, “couldn’t have arrived sooner.” With so many people not going to school tryouts was the first opportunity for most of the players to come together as a team and see each other face to face. As daily practices have started they have become a special time for players to see their teammates. 


Although the players are excited by the sense of normalcy they get from being back at soccer practice the season will be far from normal. Clark said, “Due to the coronavirus this season will be different, but as long as we follow the restrictions and stay safe I think we have a good shot of making the playoffs and hopefully making it to the state championship.” With limited fans at games and the potential for any game to be their last, players cherish any time they hit the field, but this doesn’t stop them from looking ahead to all the things they could achieve this season. 


Since 2014 Roswell’s Girls Soccer has had winning records every year and despite the challenges this year has the potential to be no different. Lednik said, “We have a good chance of becoming something that will excel and achieve many things this season.” The players are optimistic and with the guidance of head coach Darden Latifi the team can have a very successful season. The season officially starts on Tuesday, February 2 with a game against Pope High School. The game will occur 333 days after the last game of the 2020 season and  the team will be more than ready to take the field in a Roswell uniform once again.