Tom and Jerry: The Movie review

Noah Goulbourne, Staff Writer

Although they did not feel like the main characters, Tom and Jerry still managed to make the film fun and enjoyable.
(Credit: Noah Goulbourne)

For over eight decades, Tom and Jerry have been going at each other creating non-stop enjoyment for the fans. Growing up I watched Tom and Jerry hoping that they would get their own film. The short episodes were never enough for me as wished for a different approach to the two dynamic characters.  On February 26th, HBO Max released Tom and Jerry the movie. The PG rated film’s runtime is 1 hour and 41 minutes and stars famous actors and actresses such as Michael PeñaChloë Grace Moretz, Colin Jost, Ken Jeong, and Pallavi Sharda.  

Although the actors and actresses played their characters well, Tom and Jerry are portrayed poorly throughout the film. In the movie Tom and Jerry are nearly side characters in the plot which regards the humans. In most adaptations, humans never played a huge rule as they were usually cast aside. This film decided to switch things around and make them the center point of the film. Tom and Jerry’s screen time was quiet, and their constant chasing of one another felt artificial. The movie skipped over origin points and did not give an exact time frame of how long the two had been chasing each other. This made it feel as if they had just become enemies.  

I gave the movie a 6/10. Even though it did not reach my full expectations, the movie itself was funny and very entertaining. Seeing Tom and Jerry go at it made me laugh and feel as if I was watching the cartoons. If you are looking for a new comedy film to watch, it is a great movie to watch and you should try and catch it before it is too late. HBO Max is only streaming the film until March 28thGo check out the film now!