Local teen enraged after finding demoralizing message on Instagram


The simple 4 word message on the bottom of Emma Graham’s feed has turned from a gentle notification to a heated debate. Photo by Emma Graham.

Ashley Meyer, Staff Writer

Local instagram user Emma Graham, 11th, found a distressed message at the bottom of her feed yesterday, stating that she had consumed all of the new content posted over the last three days, shocked sources confirmed. 

Although Emma was shocked and angry her friends were not surprised. Ben Davies, 11th, said, “If you ask me, this has been coming since the pandemic started. I know we’ve all been spending more time on our phones lately, but Emma is a doom scrolling record holder. Plus, she’s somehow seen every astrology meme about all the signs and is now caught up on all videos of puppies farting in their sleep way back from 2009.” He later mentioned that Emma showed him her screen time report a few weeks ago and it was just the red siren emoji. 

Concerned that others will suffer from the same addiction as Emma, Instagram users have begun to create accounts to remind teens to stop scrolling and go outside.
Photo by Ashley Meyer

Graham does not think her scrolling is a problem though and is now on a mission to sue Instagram for not providing enough content for her needs. Graham said, “I can’t believe I ran out of Instagram. I didn’t even know that was possible. It shouldn’t be possible and now I am on a mission to make sure no one else has to go through this terrible experience. It took three days for my Instagram feed to repopulate posts of my friends and celebrities.” Although her friends are making jokes Emma is truly frustrated and has already created her demand letter and is now in the process of completing the forms to take the case to court. 

When Instagram executives were confronted with questions about this message founder Kevin Systrom remembered the message had been implemented back in 2010 when Instagram was first created, but designers never imagined the message actually being in use. Systrom said, “We added this message into the platform because we did not yet have the capabilities to make the program allow infinite posts and then just never deleted it. Looking back we never could have imagined someone scrolling through over 90 million photos in one day.” 

Laughing Systrom said, “I have to give it to her, she’s a fast scroller and is definitely helping our platform be successful.”  Systrom knows her case has no hold in court, so he is using the process as entertainment, but Graham is not laughing. Angry and hurt she is calling her fellow Gen Z peers to take to social media in protest. After Instagram was flooded with messages from angry teenagers in support, an Instagram spokesperson newly aware of the situation, more sensitive than Systrom, said to the press, “If someone has found that message, they probably should get outside, or at least pretend to start a book soon. I’m surprised an alarm didn’t sound off at our headquarters. Is she alright? Maybe we should send her a subscription to Audible or something.”

An Audible subscription is not necessary though. Graham told the press yesterday that after scouring her phone for something to look at other than Instagram she found entertainment in a cryptocurrency app and has now learned that the market is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a format she’ll never have to refresh, so don’t be surprised if you see this Instagram obsessed teen in the business section next week. 

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