Humble Beginnings at RHS: Snitchgramchatspace’s journey to success 

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

If you were to listen to each and every conversation that the students and teachers of Roswell High School had, there’s a large chance that Snitchgramchatspace would come up at least once.  

With it’s unique features that the world has grown to love, it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. 

And when students of RHS were asked what their favorite feature was, it was hard for some of them to answer, as there are so many that stand out to them. 

Take Sophie Medea, 17, who was one of the first million to download the app.  

“My favorite feature? It’s hard to choose!” Junior Sophie Medea said, “But I’d have to go with the door to the face feature. The usual block button is so boring, whereas, with the door to the face feature, you can visually see a door hitting someone’s icon. It’s genius!”

One of Sophie Medea’s favorite features, as well as Pickard’s himself, the door to the face feature is a fresh take on the commonly known “block button”. You can visually see a door being slammed in face of someone you “doored”. (Graphics credit: Savannah Young)

Or Dez Lyke, who agrees that the door to the face feature is great, but has a different favorite feature. 

“This is any easy one for me.” Lyke stated, “I like the ‘who snitched on who’ feature. It’s hilarious, and a fantastic way to start drama. Plus, there’s no confusion as to who you’re trying to snitch on. It’s golden. It’s better than golden, it’s dislikable.” 

And to anyone who’s been living in a hole these past three months, “dislikeable” may seem like a bad thing. But in the context of Snitchgramchatspace, it’s a compliment. And for senior Brock Brutton, it’s his favorite aspect of the platform. 

Brutton explained that the only reason he got the platform was because of the dislike only aspect saying, “It really drew me to the app. I mean, you always see thousands, if not millions, of likes on everyone’s posts. Unless you really don’t like someone, dislikes aren’t all that common. Until you get on Snitchgramchat space. The platform’s turned the ‘dislike’ into something positive—and I feel like I can really get behind that.” 

Although many students at Roswell High School love the platform, sophomore Hayd Tyr doesn’t really get it. 

“I mean, it’s just another social media platform, and it’s just as stupid. Soon, this’ll all pass over, and we’ll be onto something else.” Hayd Tyr stated, “I don’t get the craze. The ‘Hatahs’. Who even came up with this stuff?” 

When reminded that Roswell High’s very own art teachers, Mr. Pickard and Mr. Carr, created the platform, Tyr went quiet for a minute. 

“I always knew they were kind of… strange. Always talking about something. Very loudly. They’re…questionable. Mr. Phillips, though, is really cool. I think he should get a lot of money and fame because he’s the best teacher ever in the whole wide world. Ever.” 

Tyr added, “This’ll be posted soon, right? My grade kind of depends on it. Oh, it will? Cool, cool, cool.” 

And while Hayd Tyr, had a negative approach to Snitchgramchatspace, he was right to ask the one question we’re all wondering: Who came up with Snitchgramchat space? 

pickpickypickard, commonly known as Mr. Pickard to his students, is known on Snitchgramchatspace for only posting once in a blue moon (AKA when he remembers his log in information). The circle, triangle, wavy circle pattern, inspired by Leap Frog, has won awards for its unique take on layout and design. (Graphic credit: Savannah Young)

It all started in 2021, when art teachers Jefferey Pickard, 29, and Travis Carr, well-known ceramics teacher, came up with the idea of “a safe place for cyberbullies”. They, initially, laughed it off. It wasn’t until two minutes later that Pickard ran out of the room, coming back with his iPhone 4 in hand, saying that “they were onto something”. 

For the next few days, Pickard and Carr ignored the needs of their students, who didn’t really talk much or ask questions anyway, to focus on building their brand and platform.  

A week after their initial idea, Snitchgramchatspace was up and running. But it wasn’t until they received backlash from Instagram and Snapchat that Pickard, 29, had an idea. 

“Instagram and Snapchat, when we were first starting out, were our biggest hatahs. And they still are.” Pickard stated, “They treated us like doormats, trying to steal our beloved features. We were a small company in the beginning, and we weren’t really taking off. It wasn’t until we added the gram and chat into Snitchgramchatspace that things really started moving.” 

Pickard explained that after the name was changed, their platform was booming. In under three hours, he himself gained 88 million followers.  

“It was life-changing. You know, I’m only 29 and to have this huge accomplishment on my—our—shoulders was fan-freakin’-tastic.” Pickard said, “To date, I have a billion and twenty nine. Ironic, isn’t it?” 

When asked what it felt like to be a billionaire, Pickard just laughed. 

“It feels good. Rolling in that dough. I have a shoes-shiner now. He just sits by my feet, scrubbin’ my shoes while I teach. They’re shiny, just like my bright and cheery disposition. And my smile. My 29-year-old smile.” 

Pickard, when asked what it felt like to be working at a school, even though he has enough money to never have to work a day in his life ever again, stated that it was humbling. 

“It’s great to see children struggle. I had to do that once, and it sucked. Now, they feel the pain. But I feel great. I feel like the weight has been taken off my shoulders. Seriously, I had surgery. My back, two pounds lighter!”

Snitches often capture a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Here, you can see James Earl Jones’ praise and offer to do a voiceover for Carr one day. However, you can also see the beef that Carr started with Phillips, after cropping him out of a memorable photo. (Graphics credit: Savannah Young)

As for Mr. Carr, the other mastermind behind the operation, he feels as though Snitchgramchatspace has really created a way to safely be a snitch. 

“It was really hard to see snitches struggling so much in school. Now, they’re celebrated. Seriously, National Snitch Day is an official holiday, and students have off to honor the snitching ways.” 

And, as for his thoughts on continuing to be a teacher, he states that he loves what he does. 

“My job, aside from my family and the platform, is one of the best parts of my life. I love ceramics, graphic design, and introducing kids to various aspects of art. So, having accomplished my dreams and helping them accomplish theirs is a dream come true. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even though, at this point, I could probably buy the world.” 

While Carr enjoys the platform and teaching, it can be hard to balance both. 

“It’s difficult, at times, finding a way to balance the both of them. I mean, there’s only so much you can take of kids. It’s like, ‘I’m trying to snitch here, leave me alone’. I just need to make a sign, for when kids just need to go work on their own stuff while I snitch. Note to self: I should do that!” 

Carr’s favorite part, aside from the massive amount of fame and money, is creating different and unique features for the platform. 

“Pickard came up with the door to the face feature, and a student gave input on how to incorporate that. We both collaborated on the hatahs’  part, but the dislikes aspect was my idea.” Carr stated, “We’re working on adding our newest feature in, which will take some time to figure out, and we’re looking forward to it! I think the hatahs will really like it.”

The “Your Hatahs” tab allows you to see your hatahs in a totally random order, as it doesn’t matter how much they snitch as long as they do it at some point. Couple’s often have joint accounts, such as Taylor and Kanye West, who recently got married at The Roswell Mill, in which Mr. Pickard and Mr. Carr were invited, and the Prom King of Roswell, Harry, and Meghan Markle.(Graphic credit: Savannah Young)

The only real downside, aside from students nagging on what their next assignment is on, is the backlash they receive from fellow teachers in the school. And, by teachers, they mean teacher. 

“There’s this one guy that just won’t leave us be, constantly nagging us and complaining about Snitchgramchatspace. He never stops. Just waltzes right into the room, and starts telling us that he wants a share of the profits. He didn’t even collaborate! Honestly, his attitude really gets old after a while. I heard he even paid a kid to talk about how great he was, and to hate on Snitch!” 

As for who this mystery guy is, he made himself clear as Mr. Matt Phillips, who sneaked in during one of the interviews to share “his side of the story”. 

He claims that, because he’s right next door to Carr—at least, whenever he’s in the computer lab—he should have gotten a share. 

“I mean, the walls aren’t exactly thick. They may be brick, but I have excellent hearing. I could hear every word of what they said, and I could have created that platform behind their backs and launched it before they even realized it… But I didn’t. I deserve somethin’ for that! I could be rich!” 

And, when asked how he would describe Pickard and Carr, Phillips scoffed. 

“The guys who cheated me out of my money? They’re rich, cheats, and over forty. I will say, the platform is alright. I’ve used it to snitch on them before. Those ding dongs…” 

When asked if Phillip’s comments were hurtful or untrue, Pickard said yes. 

“For sure! I’m only 29!”

Mr. Pickard’s snitches often go viral, even getting commented on by the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Leonardo Dicaprio (leonardodicaprio) and Taylor and Kanye West (tay&kay). (Graphic credit: Savannah Young)

With the negative comments of Phillips, there have been positive ones, too. Mostly starting in the hallway, as students gawk at the RHS superstars, or on Snitchgramchatspace itself, with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and James Earl Jones commenting on Carr and Pickard’s posts. 

“It feels good.” Carr stated, “And I knew that it would. We even have James Earl doin’ the voiceover of our upcoming documentary on how the platform got started. It’s exciting!” 

Overall, if Snitchgramchatspace teaches us anything, it’s that when great minds think alike, they can do anything they set their minds to.  

Pickard and Carr would love to hear your thoughts on their viral platform, so, if you’d be a hatah, please fill out this survey. 

And be sure to stay tuned for the launch of Mr. Phillips’ social media platform, Beeffacechatblr.