Girls’ Soccer is Kicking Into Gear with a New Addition: Human Balls


Senior soccer player, Passme Thaball kicks human soccer ball, Jane Doe, for a game-winning goal. Photo Credit: Gemma Mueller-Hill

Gemma Mueller-Hill, Staff Writer

  Soccer season is fully in motion and some major changes are being madeWith the state of global-warming and the Earth’s plastic build-up ever increasing, the girls’ soccer team has decided to replace all plastic soccer balls with human balls. 

Human balls will be implemented within the week and along with them comes a new spot at tryouts. The girls’ soccer team will begin tryouts for their new human ball as soon as all of their plastic soccer balls have been properly discarded. SophomoreJane Doe, says “have been practicing my forward rolls and being round for months in preparation for tryouts, however there is going to be a lot of good competition.”  

The boys’ team has not yet made any announcements regarding the girls’ switch to human balls, however when asked, Junior boy soccer player, Ben Chwarmer said that the boys’ team are excited to see how it goes and are also looking into making a similar change soon. 

The girls’ team is currently trying to make a human ball the regulation ball for soccer games and are getting a lot of support from parents of students who want to be the human ball, however they are also receiving some backlash from big soccer ball brands.  

The girls’ first practice with a human ball went well and the team members have already started bonding with the new human ball. Senior girls’ soccer player, Passme Thaball, said, “Using a human ball allows us to have a lot more trust, control and communication when were on the field.” Freshmen girls’ soccer player, Dee Fence, agrees and wishes that this change was made earlier because of how great it is to see your friends achieve their goals while flying into them! 

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