Review: Rumi’s Kitchen at Avalon 

Gracie Ross, Staff Writer

Rumi’s Kitchen is one of the newer restaurants at Avalon. It was named after one of the world’s most famous poets. Rumi’s Kitchen offers a variety of Persian dishes. The restaurant provides customers with flavorful food that is cooked fresh and without a long wait. Rumi’s goal is to have an innovative menu full of fresh breads and Persian culture. 

When first seated at Rumi’s kitchen, all customers are served with a plate of cheeses, nuts, and crackers. Rumi’s Kitchen has a variety of starters such as dips, breads, and kabobs. Being seated at a table, you are automatically invited into a cozy atmosphere. Rumi’s has dark lighting and formal table decorations. Beautiful drapes and pieces of art reflect on the Persian culture all around the restaurant 

My favorite dish at Rumi’s is the Chicken Barb. It is juicy marinated saffron chicken served with basmati rice. Rumi’s kitchen does an excellent job at providing their own unique flavors to their dishes, whether it is chicken, lamb, or steak. 

A delicious juicy chicken that looks appealing and has great presentation. (photo by Gracie Ross)

The aesthetic and appearance of their food is important to the company. The placement of each food and the way it is displayed makes it clear the restaurant strives for perfection. Everyone around me was photographing their dishes or in awe of the appearance of the food. I, myself, have posted my Rumi’s dishes on multiple occasions. The dishes are full of color and detail.  

The servers and workers at Rumi’s kitchen are polite and accommodating. The workers are quick to help deliver anything you need.  

Therefore, I clearly love Rumi’s Kitchen and think it is a wise addition to Avalon’s restaurants.