Roswell Local Flair Series: Farmhouse in the City Edition

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Farmhouse in the city has the perfect venue to host kids birthday parties, school field trips, and any other fun event for kids. There is plenty of room for the kids to create art, play, and hangout. (Credit: Pinterest)

As I continue on in my search for hidden gems around Roswell I wanted to find a place that was a bit different from the past two places. Both Crazy Love and Oli + Ve were similar in the aspect that they had to do with food, so I wanted to find a fun place that had more to offer than just that. (If you haven’t read those blogs go here for the Crazy Love blog and here for the Oli + Ve blog to do just that.) I think I have accomplished this by making my next stop, Farmhouse in the City. Although this place is more for kids, I thought I would add it to the list of places that give Roswell some of its flair because of just how unique it is. Farmhouse in the City is well, a farmhouse that offers more than just petting animals they also have art activities, dress up areas, and face painting. It’s a perfect place to host a birthday party or even just a different family activity for the day.

One of the activities they offer is something they like to call “Paint and Play.” This is a 2 hour experience for $17 for the child, $15 for siblings, and free admission for adults and infants. “Paint and Play” includes face painting, dress up and toy room, feeding and holding their animals, their free art area, and a canvas or pottery painting. Farmhouse in the city also provides field trips. The trips are 2 hours long allowing the kids to meet the animals while learning about them, paint art pieces, and play in the toy room. In addition to the “Paint and Play” activity and field trip, you can rent out Farmhouse in the CIty if you have a minimum of 15 kids. This is perfect for a fun and unique birthday party. 

As of right now, Farmhouse in the City is not open due to COVID-19. The owner is working hard to sell the studio so she can focus on her new product line but once the studio is sold, it will be open and up and running again. Selling it will bring some new useful anecdotes to the table like a website that includes a seamless reservation system. Selling it will up Farmhouse in the City even more once all the craziness dies down and they are able to open again. If you ever want to check it out you can go to their website here and for future reference, it is located on 1094 Green St, Roswell, GA 30075.