How to dress for your body shape: Fashion state of mind

Gia Easter, Staff Writer

Beauty of body types. (Credit: Healthline)

Finding an outfit, you love that just doesn’t fit right is a very upsetting occurrence most people have. It brings down your confidence. Finding clothes that flatter your figure can easily solve the problem of loving the outfit, hating the body. 

How to find your body shape is easy, grab a mirror and look at yourself. Do you have wider hips, shorter or longer torso? Also, to help look up a “body shape” photo. There are five main categories rectangle, triangle, hourglass, inverted triangle and round. 

Rectangle: a straight silhouette with not many curves, shoulders and hips similar widths. Best styles and cuts to wear are going to add more curves and definition to the body. V necks highlight your collarbone and wide leg jeans add a bigger silhouette and fills out hips and thighs. 

Triangle: A women’s body that has fuller hips in proportion to their upper body is also known as “pear” shape. Embrace the wider hips with skinny jeans or leggings. To highlight the top half wrap necklines are the way to go. 

Hourglass: Your hips and bust are nearly equal in size and you have a well-defined waist that’s narrower than both. Wearing tight fitting clothing shows off the features of their body. 

Inverted triangle: Inverted triangle bodies have broader shoulders than the hips, with little to no waist definition. I think skirts and mom jeans would work best to add some dimension to the bottom half and a nice fitted top to define the broader shoulders. 

Round: Round body shapes have an upper body that is bigger than the lower body, no defined waist, slim hips and broad shoulders. A scoop or V-neck top is universally flattering and especially great for a round shape. You can also wear a wrap top to create a more defined waist.  

All body shapes are beautiful and deserve to be loved in any outfit worn. Embrace what you have.